Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Tuesday got lost along the way...

I dunno what happened to it, it was just here and now it's Wednesday!

I'm driving to Charlotte to pick up my homegirl this afternoon.....the route takes me right past Gastonia the home of Mary Jo's. Does that mean I'm going to make a pit stop? I don't know, we'll see. It's not like I need more

This little eye candy is a silkscreen print of a Huichol Shaman's vision of the sun and moon. A friend of mine in Mexico makes them and made me some on woven cotton. I have several different ones and have made two quilts already and have enough squares left for one more.

I love the stories that go with them too~the one in turquoise is about how woman came to be with man and how she disguised herself as dog to leave tortillas for him in his cave. All of these designs came to be created after taking Peyote......I'm amazed that they were able to create anything........I'd have been looking for some twinkies and a place to lay down.

I might not be on much for the next few days.....but will check in once or twice. You have big fun too!

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Raquel said...

ohmygosh I ADORE YOU! so funny!