Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Pajamas Wednesday ~ It's a good thing!

Today is quilty day with the girls at The Quilt Shop. It's also another rainy day and a darn good day for flannel pajama pants and a T shirt to match..........(and some undergarments) that is how I went into town today.

It was a busy day at the shop and there were a bunch of us there. Everyone had their projects in full swing and I spent the day cutting out another skirt. And visiting. And eating lunch. And kibbitzing.

I ran over to the store and paid for my new couch and told them when the rains let up (maybe Saturday?) I'll be back to get it. Because they sold the floor sample I wanted, after telling me it was against their policy to do so, and because I went in to speak to the manager about how unhappy I was about that, I got the couch at 20% off the sales price. Seemed reasonable to me.

Here it is, whaddaya think?

The major reason for this couch is that it can be wiped off. Maya has a tendency to lean on the furniture, the wall, anything and because she also has a tendency to roll around in the dirt....well, you can guess the rest.

Come to think of it, Maya was the reason for my choice in the new car. I'm glad that I can can keep her in the lifestyle she has become accustomed to. LOL

Even though it's rainy and gray's sunny inside, and I hope it is for you too.

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