Saturday, October 13, 2007


Today was just the perfect day! I love has always been my favorite season. Something about the change and transition from the heat and abundance in summer to the spare and cold landscape of winter...all the trees showing off with that last burst of energy before dropping their leaves ~ that riot of color combined with the chilly nights and crisp, sunny days....**heaven**!!

Today was no exception. I needed cords and a sweatshirt to make my pilgrimage to the farmer's market this morning. I scored 2 pounds of the sweetest little baby crookneck squash, some fresh carrots, one cranberry/pecan scone, a pair of earrings made by my friend Erin who is just soooo talented in a ga-zillion ways. Today she had throw pillows made from New York Beauty quilt blocks, some home made journals covered in some retro cloth, sterling silver and bead earrings, and some home made note cards featuring photos of the produce that she and her husband grow on their farm. All of it presented in such a lovely way that made you want to take all of it home.

Before getting out of here today, though, I was reminded that the earth has shifted in it's journey around the sun and my house is more in the shadows than my windshield was encased in ice and I had to scrape!! Yep....winter is just around the corner and jack frost paid me a little visit last night to remind me of that.

I cooked some turkey legs in the slow cooker over night and woke to the smell of Thanksgiving in my house this Before I left for the market, I put a pot of navy beans on...quick boil and then set them aside to rest. When I got back from the market did a quick chop of garlic, sweet vidalia onions, celery and did a quick saute in olive oil. Put them into the pot with the beans and started them up again to boil, then simmer all afternoon. Added in the shredded smoked turkey and it was on! Yum.....can you say Yum? YUMMMMMM.......gonna save some in ziplocs in the freezer for those chilly days when nothing but a good hearty soup will do.

That little quilt up there has some Laura Burch "cats" fabric in it and I call it "here, kitty kitty".
Gonna upload it to my Etsy store. Go check it out.

* I'm still sober. What doesn't kill ya, just makes ya stronger and Lord knows I got some "life on life's terms" stuff goin on, but I'm still here.
* I can laugh in the face of adversity and I know it's all gonna work out.
* My good friends are my good friends, and no amount of Gold would I trade for them.
* The "Italian Job" was on TV tonight....I love that movie and those little mini-cooper cars.
(My Sista-Woman friend, Syl, is gonna buy one of them....she would be divine in one!)

I noticed that Raquel "The Ghetto Quilter" has me listed on her links list! That is soooooooooooooo cool and I'm so honored to make her list, cause I think she's just the best. I love reading about her and her kids (she is getting ready to add yet one more to her brood and she's a way young mom. Check her out.

That's it for me. Thanks for checking me out.

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