Saturday, October 27, 2007

Sunny and chilly today...

No rain on the horizon and things may have a chance to dry out as the sun is in the forecast for the next few days. I may yet get a chance to get that last mowing in.

The couch is here! Yep, sitting in the living room looking all gorgeous and begging to be sat upon. That will come later this evening as I've been here at the computer for the past couple of hours. There are a few yahoo groups I read and a bunch of blogs and then there are the sites with free quilting patterns that beg to be printed out. The checkbook needed balancing too. Where did the day go?

I got up was chilly in the house this morning, as I'm trying to get used to having the thermostat set at 63-65, so the bed was feeling especially cozy and I was dreading that chill that was waiting to greet me when I threw off the comforter...brrrrr. Once up, showered and dressed, I was off to the last day of the Farmer's Market this season. I had vendors to visit and goodbyes to say. Some of them I see weekly and it feels like they are old friends now. Today's score ~

* A gift of a pair of earrings and some hand made notecards from Erin who photographed the produce that she and her husband grow on their farm. The earrings are sterling silver with red coral dangles...very cool.

* I also bought a bag of baby new potatoes from them.

* A pound of country sausage from the pork guy, and a ham roast too! I see some special soup coming from that.

* The silver jeweler, Karl from Trade, Tennessee had made a star of David and an Om symbol for me and I picked those up. His work is incredibly delicate and he has made other pieces for me as well.

Tomorrow is an at home sewing day. I haven't done much this week and it's calling me.

A few of my favorite things ~

* Special memories of my time in Mexico and the friends I made there. Keeping them in the present through phone calls and photos. Talked to Marlene and Chris this week who are just arriving there this past week for the season.
* Fabric designers who not only create the fabrics that catch my eye and spark my imagination, but who give of themselves on their blogs so I can have a peek at what their lives are like and what sparks their imagination ~ like her, and her, and her.....gotta love them!
* Chilly, sunny, breezy days and cold nights

And you!

bye for now, later gator, adios and hasta luego!

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