Monday, October 22, 2007

Color in the High Country

This is a shot of the gathering out in Valle Crucis last weekend where they were celebrating their annual Country Fair. I was having the yard sale and missed it, but have heard so much about it that I won't miss it next year if I'm able to go. It is supposed to have just the best of local arts and crafts, in addition to cider-making, apple butter production, bluegrass music and an all round good time. I loved this picture because it captures how the trees look right now. In a week or so I guess most of the leaves will be on the ground, but right now they are so colorful it takes my breath away.

No sewing today as I had some errands to run in town. I nearly missed the turn off getting home because the fog rolled in with a vengeance and traffic slowed to a crawl although not slow enough for me to be able to see the signs well. Luckily I caught a glimpse of the signpost on the right announcing the upcoming left turn and was able to get into the turn lane. Whew!

Maya, who used to hate to get in the car, now thinks that every time I leave, she should be with me. During the summer, I left her at home because it was too hot in the car. Now I take her most times, and she is happy to go ~ does the happy dance and jumps up into the car without much prompting at all. I keep the back window down about a third of the way so that her nose can surf the local smells and when we get back on our road, I stop and let her out so she can race me to the house. I clocked her at about 20mph for a stretch, she can really move.

These are a few of my favorite things....
Favorite smells:
* Baby powder
* Jergen's body lotion (smells like almonds)
* Christmas trees
* Spilled gasoline (I know, weird huh?)
* Newly mowed hay
* Freshly shampooed hair


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