Friday, October 19, 2007

Rain, Rain, go away......(just for a day)....

Tomorrow is the big yard sale. My friend Barb and I are offloading all those things that are not fitting into our lives here in NC. She just moved to this area a few months ago, and I moved a little over a year ago and we both realize we got "stuff" that just isn't working for us. Most of it is new or nearly new, and all of it is divine!

This is the view from my home in one direction ...... toward the dead end ..... rain!

The ads have been published, the signs made, and the stuff catalogued and stored in the shed awaiting display......but.....the weather isn't cooperating! The forecast says that tomorrow will be sunny and clear, and I'm hoping that will be true and that the road will be packed with happy shoppers who have cash in hand.

This is the view from my home in the other direction ... the direction that all those happy shoppers will be coming from.

I've been hand-stitching on some binding this week, and haven't done much else in the quilterly area. My focus has been getting ready for the yard sale, and doing some last minute little projects here in the house. Once that's over I need to shift gears for a minute and do some sewing in another direction. I want to make some aprons, and I have two skirts that need to be made. The fabric for all of them has been selected and the patterns purchased, so I just need to get in motion.

Gratitude List ~
* The view from my windows no matter the season.
* My desire to create is strong and I have the energy to bring it to life.
* I continue to be grateful for my friends.

Easy does it!


Raquel said...

Would you make the rain go away in Seattle too? sheesh it's NASTY here. I hope that all goes well tomorrow!

Feather on a Wire said...

The sun is shining here, but it is our turn.
Good luck with the sale.

mountain-quiltist said...

Raquel, do you have electricity yet?
And no, I can't make the rain in Seattle go away. I used to live there eons ago and there is no wetter place on earth.

mountain-quiltist said...

Sally, glad you are having some sunshine as you labor away in your cottage......yes, you deserve some of that warm sun and no rain....go sit in the window and soak it up while you can.