Monday, October 15, 2007


First of all....this will be don't take it personally, k?

Say goodbye to this couch. Byeeeeeeee!
It is only a year old....good couch, but I didn't really like it when I bought it, and that shoulda been reason enough not to buy it, but nah, I got it anyway.

Looks dirty in this picture, but it's just the light or something, cause it's not dirty. Anyway it's leaving.

Now, I'm having the yard sale this weekend and I'm listing this on Craigslist today, cause it's got to go. Byeeeee!

Gratitude list:
* I'm grateful for the generosity of a friend who could forgive me.
* I'm grateful that I can let go.........of stuff, of old behavior, of the need to be right.
* I'm grateful that I know that school is always in session.

And I'm grateful for those of you who take a look here and let me know you looked.

Oh and one more....
I'm grateful for cousin Nathan's wife Jean's killer cranberry jalapeno relish.........mmm, mmmm, mmmmmmmmm!

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