Sunday, October 14, 2007

This is a picture of the cabinet in my studio that has a part of my stash color. Looks like it's organized and not outta control in terms of size, doesn't it?

Looks are deceiving.

That table in front of the cabinet is where I cut, pin baste, try out fabrics for a project, mark pieces for applique and so on. What you don't see is that the table has a skirt around it and under that skirt (and between the table and the wall) are a bazillion little rubbermaid boxes and totes housing works in progress, fabrics pulled for projects that live in my head, and stuff I am hiding even from myself....LOL. You know you have a problem when you sneak fabric into the house and you live alone.
Uh huh...

Okay, moving right along....that little confession is just a way of letting me know that I know, and now you know too. Just keepin it real.

Today's gratitudes:
* warm sun on my face this morning and a slightly cool breeze, not bone shattering cold, just cool.
* new lawn mower is the bomb, and made mowing a mulches so I didn't need to rake afterwards....and it took care of all the leaves too, so no blower was necessary.
* remembering my mom's chili and that my attempts at it today came pretty darn close, and it was all good.
* peace and ease.

I was sad to hear today that my cousin Nathan, wife Jean and the boys will not be at the Thanksgiving gathering this year....they are going to be with Jean's family. I have enjoyed their boys Jack and Adam, and last year Jean absolutely killed with this great cranberry-jalapeno relish that she made. I'm gonna miss that, but am going to try to convince her that if I can't see her on Thanksgiving, at least I should be able to see her you think it will work?
I'm gonna try it anyway.

Flu shot tomorrow.........missed getting one last year and was anxious all season because of it. I'd rather get the shot and skip the anxiety about whether or not I'll get the flu. I've been remarkably healthy this past couple of years....not even a cold, so I just wanna continue that. I have a mammogram scheduled for Wednesday morning and a chest xray too, to check out this little troublesome cough that is probably just a side effect of one of my meds...they said it probably is, but I want to check it out. I can't believe how responsible and adult I'm being...LOL.

Here's to your good health too.

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