Monday, February 21, 2011

Under the Weather!

After feeling like I missed the bullet the last couple of cold or flu. It was my turn.
For the past week I've been doing all the over the counter stuff. My cough got so bad I went to the ER yesterday. Chest X-Ray, two breathing treatments, some steroids, and prescriptions for more along with one for antibiotics I am home. I am not looking for sympathy but wanted to explain why I've been absent and will be until I get over the hump. See you in a bit!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Maya is on the Mend!!

That's great news because it means I can get back to this.

I've done very little sewing while she's been ill and tending to her has been my first priority. Also being afraid for her has kept me pretty paralyzed..that is par for the course for me. When I'm afraid, I hunker down and stay put.

I'm so glad that she is doing better and that I still
have some time with her.