Friday, February 11, 2011

Maya is on the Mend!!

That's great news because it means I can get back to this.

I've done very little sewing while she's been ill and tending to her has been my first priority. Also being afraid for her has kept me pretty paralyzed..that is par for the course for me. When I'm afraid, I hunker down and stay put.

I'm so glad that she is doing better and that I still
have some time with her.


Rian said...

This is great news! You can exhale now. Look how neat your batting edges are with your quilt top. Mine are all crooked.

Fabric Fanatic said...

Rian, I trim them before I start to sew so they are neater and there is less transference of batting fuzz to the surface of the quilt, and less chance of the batting getting "caught up" while I'm quilting.
I am exhaling and am so glad that Maya is doing well. Whew!

Cheryl Allison said...

I'm glad your Maya is getting better. Just wanted you to know that I adore this quilt you are making. Can't wait to see the finished product.

Fabric Fanatic said...

Thanks Cheryl!

Dian said...

Glad Maya is making progress in the right direction. Your choice of fabrics in this quilt is awesome. Yet another bog snowstorm passing through the upper midwest but with a spotting of a robin or two, spring is just around the corner.