Saturday, October 20, 2007

The sun came out....

See the shadows? It came out and while the wind joined it to make for a chilly morning until the sun managed to peek over the ridge, there was no rain...yay!!!

Morning started before dark-thirty, while I was still stumbling around...y'all know I'm not a morning person...Barb showed up and Maya let me know there was a prowler ~ good dog!

I made coffee, got dressed and then went up to the main road to post our signs while Barb started pulling stuff out of the shed. We were ready for business on time.....waiting....waiting...waiting.

We had a few. Made a few bucks. I bought Barb's stuff, she bought mine...LOL. We also let some other folks buy some stuff too, but my big ticket items didn't sell even though they were priced to move. We had fun though, and decided we'd put the stuff up and try again in the spring when Barb's sister Betty has her annual yard sale in Blowing Rock and draws an huge crowd.

I took pics of a couple of things (big) that I don't want to trip over in the shed all winter and have listed them on Craigslist. I think the sofa has sold ~ the guy is coming back Wednesday with a truck and $$.

Tonight is girl's night out at the quilt shop and I'm pooped, but am going to hang out with the girls and who knows, I might get some sewing in too.

Gratitude list for today....
* Maya is such a great watch dog....I am able to live out here in the country 'cause I feel totally safe knowing she's on her job.
* Barb is so darn funny.....gosh I'm enjoying getting to know her. She cracks me up!
* The sun ......... oh how I love the sun.

later, 'gator!

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