Saturday, October 27, 2007

This was wanna try it?

Ta-daaaaa!!! Presenting 1945.......

Deb from Red Shoe Ramblings, mentioned this on her blog and I thought it was cool.
Here's what she said........"The idea is that you go to Google Images and type in the year you were born, then select some images that give a sense of what that year was like."


I was born May 24, 1945
By the time labor day had passed, the war was over. I was fat and happy and nearly 4 months old.....some things never change, except that I'm older now.

If you try this, send me a link! I wanna see what it was like the year you were born.


dodge716 said...

Hi Susan...just read your post on Quilt I checked your blog....I don't have to do the google search on 1945 since you did it for me...I was born on July 16 that same year. I, too, am retired and stay in my pj's somedays. Live is good...I have been trying to straighten up my sewing room and then get down to the business of sewing mess it up again...haha....have a wonderful day!! Ann near Cedar Rapids

mountain-quiltist said...

Ann, thanks for your comment...we are kindred spirits of sorts. I love that you love pj days too! I was raised in Illinois, and aren't us mid-westerners just the best?

lindaharre said...

What a cute idea! Thank you for visiting my blog and I certainly enjoyed yours.....I will be back!

Linda said...

Hey! we have the same birthday, only different years. I found your blog through a friend's blog. I am enjoying reading it!

Deb R said...

I'm glad you did this, Susan. I really enjoyed seeing what photos you came up with! I especially loved the fashion photos at the top. I've always thought the women's wear styles from the 1940's were very elegant, even the casual wear.