Friday, October 12, 2007

Trying to get back in the groove...

I'm still not "with it" and yet I feel like I had such a good groove going before I got sidetracked that I want to try to keep on.

They say that for any new behavior to become instilled you need to do it 16 (20, 30 ???) times consistently...........and I've not been able to do that yet. So, I'll keep at it.

* I still have health insurance
* Things seem to work out without my why wouldn't this set of circumstances as well?
* Blogs by those quilters and crafters and crazy moms that I have listed here just continue to juice me! (check out my list of links...then go look at them)

This little red, white, and blue number is not so much patriotic as it is showing off the collection of indigo blues that I've collected. I love indigo blues, especially those hand-dyed by african women of the Hausa tribe in northern Nigeria. I love their cloth and use it sparingly because I don't know when I'll be able to find more.

It has turned cold. Brrrrrrrrr.....get your flannel jammies out kinda cold and I had to turn on the heat last night. This weekend it promises to get up to 70, so I will do the seasonal stuff I need to do to get ready for winter.....put covers over the A/C's, mulch the flower beds, do one last mowing, put the water hoses away for winter, and put the lawn furniture under wraps. Time to put away the summer clothes and break out the winter ones.

I just put together my new mulching mower, so am looking forward to that last mowing of the season with the new mower. I'm impressed that I got it together without help ~ it was a bugger to do. Go Me!

I'm still stacking stuff in the shed in preparation for our yard sale a week from tomorrow. I hope the weather holds....though the extended forecast predicts 60% probability of showers....I don't hold much faith in that, so we'll see!

Keep a good thought and your fingers crossed....

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