Monday, October 29, 2007

The Frost is on the Punkin...

I woke up this morning early....looked outside to see everything aglow in white in the night's darkness. The stars gave light to the landscape, and bundling up in a shawl over my gown I slipped out onto the front porch to see if it was snow......and saw that jack frost had paid us a visit in the night. A peek at the thermostat showed that it was 27 degrees outside. Brrrrrrrr........

I promptly returned to bed for that kind of delicious sleep that you get when you know you should be up, but can't think of a reason why. Two hours later, with the sun peeking over the hill, I got up for good.

Yesterday afternoon I made a huge pot of Italian Wedding Soup ~ my first time ever ~ and all from scratch! That is what I had for breakfast today. Looking out over the back pasture, still in the shadow of the hill and fully frostified, the soup tasted warmer and better than I had hoped. What a good thing!

I haven't been to one of those 12 step meetings in a while, so I'm off to town.

Back in 2 shakes!

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