Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wednesday with the Quilty Girls...

Okay, as promised, here is a picture of my new sewing table made by Roberts and ordered through the Sewing Table Shop online. It was 3 weeks late in getting here, but it finally made it and I'm so happy that it is finally here.
Can you see why I'm so excited?
Finally, a flat surface for free-motion quilting!!

Now that you've seen it, I can go to my usual Wednesday meeting with the quilty girls. I love this day and look forward to it all week. We are a varied group of women from our 40's to our 70's with one in her twenties. She fits right in with us, and we have the best time. Most of us try to bring a project or more to work on. I don't have anything to take today, but I do have some fabric to select for a Christmas project and will just sit and visit.

You have a great day too!!!

pssssst....did you notice that I managed to take the picture with my new camera, unload it to the computer, and then upload it to this blog?? See, I'm getting there!

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