Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Can't Sleep.....

You know how you get those times, at least I do, when I just can't get to sleep....then I remembered I forgot to post today, so I got up.

Last week I made a Thomas the Tank Engine quilt for my friend's son, Elijah, who loves that character. The top photo is Elijah sitting on the back of the quilt, and below that is brother EJ sitting on the front.

EJ has his own super-heroes quilt and when I was visiting them last week, I asked where Elijah's quilt was and found that he'd never been given one. When I got home from visiting them in Georgia, I sent for the fabric. It got here on Thursday, I cut it out on Friday, pieced it on Saturday, sandwiched, basted, and quilted it on Sunday and got the binding sewn on too! I mailed it out to them on Monday and it got there on Tuesday... DHL is amazing like that!

Their mom, Randi, said Elijah was so happy when he saw it, and from the pics, it looks like it was a hit!

That's just the best thing about a quilt! I've never seen anyone frown when they got one as a gift.

Today I was grateful for:
* My niece, who called to let me know that her Daddy, my brother, isn't taking care of some medical stuff that he needs to take care of. I love that she gave me a head's up so I could call him and remind him how much I love him and need for him to stay here.
* My friend Carol who came over to have lunch with me and asked me to show her my quilts....I love show and tell.
* My body that is working hard to get past and heal from that little pulled muscle in my back. I appreciate that hard work.
* The change in the seasons that is happening now. Last week I was running the A/C day and night and now I have set the heater to come on when it gets down to 63 at night....and it's been coming on. Chilly nights and warm autumn days ~ just lovely!
* Netflix!

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