Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Okay, these are the quilts waiting to be uploaded to my ETSY site. See, I do actually have some done. But, I need to write a description of each of them, measure them, photograph them and resize the photos for the site and then I can upload them.


I'm tired just thinking about it ~ LOL.

I didn't write yesterday. I tried, but it was late and for some reason before I could get the posting finished it would disappear when I hit the space bar. I did it twice, but never got it saved or got it to post properly, so I did what any wise person would do...I took my sleepy butt to bed!

Today, I picked up some clothes to take to the local Hunger Coalition and dropped them off. They run a free medical clinic on Wednesday nights and I've volunteered to help them when they open an additional evening...but they haven't called me yet. Today's the first time I saw the place and it's a neat facility already set up to do a clinic since it's in the old Health Department building. They have a food closet, a clothing closet, and it's the central distribution place for meals on wheels.

I got my new sewing table today!!! Wa-hoo!~it allows me to set my machine down and has a custom inset to match my Pfaff, so I have an absolutely flat surface now when I sew and it should help me with my free-motion quilting. I'll take a pic!

Tomorrow is my day with the girls at the quilt shop and I'm looking forward to it, though I don't have anything to take along and work on.


* My family.
* The lovely colors that are popping out on the trees.
* The change in seasons.
* The coolness of the evening and the snuggliness of my down comforter.

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