Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Good, make that GREAT morning!

My gratitudes:
* getting some sleep last night
* the coziness of my down comforter ~ warm, but not weighty...I feel like I'm floating in bed
* the warm sun in this cool morning
* my girl, Maya, who loves her belly scratched in the morning and gives a good hug in return

I was thinking about fabric designers and how there are some that are like "rock stars" to me. I love their design, their color selections, and am amazed at how prolific they are. Like Anna Maria Horner.... have you ever read her blog? She is one busy woman....designs fabrics, makes clothing, quilts, home decor stuff...has kids, and the coolest house you'd ever want to see. Go check out her blog and then you'll understand why I think that she probably gets 48 hours in a does she do it?

I also love, in no particular order......
Denyse Schmidt (Free Spirit)
Joel Dewberry (Westminster)
April Cornell (Moda)

April designed a line for Moda called "Poetry" ~ I spied the focus fabric when it hit the shelves and over time bought bits and pieces of the line, but absolutely adored the focus fabric the best ~ I put a pic up here so you can admire it too!

I probably made 5 or 6 baby quilts from it, and never got tired of it. The one you see was the first one, for baby Angelina Joy.

I've still got 2 of those quilts here, and they along with a bunch of others are going to end up in my Etsy Shop just as soon as I get those pics taken.

Have a great day!

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