Thursday, November 8, 2007

Why do I create?

Sally Bramald (Feather On A Wire) in the UK tagged me with this little questionnaire and I'll give it my best shot ~

1. When did you start and make craft?
I remember making things as long as I can remember me. As a young child I threaded needles for the Ladies Aid Society who would meet at the quilting frame beneath the Black Walnut Trees at my Grandparent's farm. I played with my dollies under the frame and started sewing bits of cloth together then. I later graduated to embroidery and making my own clothes, knitting, and crochet, and finally in my 40's quilting.

2. Why did you start creating?
My mom was always creating something....she was the early prototype of Martha Stewart, and did it wonderfully. She sewed, upholstered, refinished furniture, decorated her home and a zillion cupcakes. I think because she was always working on some project, it was something that I learned by example.

3. Why do you create?
I derive a tremendous sense of accomplishment and pleasure when I'm in the zone and working on something lovely. Cloth is tactile and there are such wonderful colors in cloth now...I need it.

4. What do you create?
Quilts mostly, but I also do a lot of sewing for home decor. Pillows, shams, duvets, throws, curtains, winter covers for the A/C stuff. I also like to paint and embellish furniture.....see the Gecko side table I did?

5. How has this changed since you began crafting?
Quilting has provided me with a lot of life lessons. A little piece of fabric that is in and of itself rather homely or maybe even ugly can sometimes be just the thing next to a beautiful patch in the overall design. A little ugly patch in life, when viewed in the rear view mirror can be seen as beautiful in that it launched me in a new direction. Quilting has gotten me through some rough patches in life, and helped me to see the beauty in the ordinary.

Feel free to ask yourself these questions. I take a look at 62 blogs a day....thank God not everyone posts every day or I'd never get to my studio, but I love reading them and I feel a kinship to the community of artists who share themselves in this way. Thanks, Sally, for asking me to join in this discussion.


Gypsy Quilter said...

Love the pic. of your Maya. What a sweety! Happy Quiltin'!

Gypsy Quilter said...

Thank you for your kind thoughts. We're both doing better. Pretty much.

GRACE said...

beautiful chest, quilts, etc. i enjoyed your thoughts on the piece that depicted underground railroad; it is a part of US history for sure, so all of us take ownership of it in that regard, and wrongs of the past are today's lessons, so although it might be a sensitive and sometimes volatile subject, it can be an important tool for generations to come....just my $.02


May Britt said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. You come up with noreply so I have to answer you here. I'm curios about the mystery quilt to. Next step tomorrow.