Sunday, November 11, 2007

My get up and go Got up and is Gone!

No excuses....just the facts, ma'am. Life has intruded here at the happy little trailer by the side of the road. Errands, stuff that has to be done at specific times (maintenance of the new-to-me car), and some wonderful stuff too!

I was gifted with a ton of salesman's quilt shop quality samples! Manna from heaven and how did this girl get so lucky??? Good friends....that about sums it up. They are wonderful large chunks of fabric collections from Free Spirit, a rainbow of possibilities and for a minute I got derailed. You know how new fabric can send your mind spinning? Well, if you're a quilter you do know and that is what happened to me.

First of all....there was much ooooohing and aaaaahing! Running my hands across it......sorting it into piles for projects I knew would probably get done and then those I was pretty sure I might never use. And a lot of moving fabric back and forth from one pile to the other and back again. Greedy me! Yes, I am....there I've said it, and I'm not proud to tell you too. ***sigh***

Okay, I had it in mind to share and so I made my choices and then sent out some emails. One woman has been here to take some, and another is coming today. And next week I'm sending out one box. It goes to a woman who is coming to visit family in the US, but who lives in the southern hemisphere where she has trouble locating good quality fabric. I feel a kinship to her because when I lived in Mexico I too had that problem.

No pics today. I'm still in the midst of re-organizing my studio and have a lot to do today. Hopefully next week I'll be able to settle back into my usual routine. Until well.


sweego said...

How fun to find your blog. Our son is going to App State and we were just up to visit and I found the quilt shop. Loved reading your blog, helped me get the feel of Boone from a different perspective than a student.
I am also always straigtening up my sewing room and always seem to find surprises.
Marsha in Va Beach

amandajean said...

hurray for free quilt fabric samples! that would be soooo much fun! I totally know how new fabric can send your mind spinning. :)