Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Back to the "routine" and since it's Wednesday....

that means spending part of the day at the Quilt Shop with the quilty girlz! Yay...I missed them and was glad to see them all today. I wasn't able to load it all up and carry it with me, so I just took some mending along and that was fine. I was out last night or would have packed it up and loaded the car, but as it was, I got all my mending done and had a great time visiting with the girlz.

Where was I last night, you ask? Well, I was at the movies with Barbie and either I'm entering a second childhood or my taste in movies has changed, because we went to see "Enchanted".

Loved it!!! I don't want to spoil it for you, but I will say keep your eye on the chipmunk........ohmygosh! We hooted!

Before getting out of here this morning I managed to get all the laundry done from my trip and so things seem to be getting back to normal. There is something satisfying about routine, and you heard it here from the woman who used to rail against the predictable, the boring, and everything slightly routine. Yes, that would be me. LOL

Tonight is my other guilty pleasure ~ "the Sopranos" and so I bid you adieu until next time.


Raquel said...

I LOVED Enchanted! loved loved loved.

I was laughing so hard (when Gazelle was in the apartment and she sang the "animals" out to help) that one of my girls gave me the elbow of embarrassment. I was CRACKIN up.

I have a weakness for broken fairy tales. Have you seen the play, 'Wicked'? I think you would like it. Or 'Into the Woods'?

Raquel said...

I can't find your email either...? I'm at