Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Guess what? Chicken Butt!

Okay, that's the mood I'm in today. My friend, Barbie, from North Carolina came to visit me yesterday and what a visit it was! Too short. But sweeeeeeeet!
(click on this picture to read it....sorry it didn't post big enough)

She and I laughed, chortled, hooted, snorted, giggled and, oh my.... how I loved that she took the time. She was visiting some friends in Reno who generously lent her their car so she could drive down here.

She only had a day, so she came yesterday, and had to leave this morning. We went to IKEA! We picked up our conversations like we'd just seen each other yesterday. I love an easy friendship like that.

Then after I got her on the road today, I was just marveling about how lucky I am. Those Sweet 'Tater Haid, Qwilty Gurlz in NC just folded me up in their hearts and haven't let go. I miss them.

I've got a bowl full of yeast dough rising to make another loaf of no-knead bread, and am still making 9 patch blocks for Bumblebeans. They're fun.

Also, today on the True Up blog I read one of the best articles on stash building and color mastery. It is really helpful. I think I'll buy the book she references, and for sure I'll pay attention to what I buy for my stash. I have a ton of material....so why do I need to buy something for what is lacking in my stash that I need in my current project. It's not that I don't have enough, but it's that I have too much of the same stuff and not enough of the fillers.

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maria peagler said...

Glad you enjoyed the article and thanks for mentioning it on your blog. You'll see a big difference in your quilts just by being aware of the fabrics you buy. Wishing you stunning color in your quilts.