Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sun Bonnet Sue ~ Love from the Quilty Gurlz

Do you remember that lovely package I got earlier this week? It was a much-anticipated box from the Quilty Gurlz in Boone, NC. We met together every week on Wednesday and by the time I knew I was leaving, I was already sad to be saying goodbye.

They threatened me with a Sun Bonnet Sue quilt! I had let it be known during one of our meetings that I didn't care much for that much-loved iconic quilt and that I knew I'd never make one or even have one in my house. Gleefully they set to work and I got sporadic reports when I'd call back there on Wednesday! Oh, they were having waaaaaay too much fun with Sue.

I opened the box on Wednesday, while I was on the phone with them....thanks Tod, for letting us be on speaker-phone! We laughed, giggled, hooted and I knew whose block was whose even without seeing the signature.

On Thursday, I went to Tap Plastics to have a clear plastic rod made and drilled so I could hang it. My neighbors, Mike and Dana, said that they could come down on Friday after work to put it up.

After figuring out how far down from the ceiling I wanted it to hang, Mike got to work and in about 5 minutes it was up.

I think I got up 2 or 3 times last night and had to turn on the light just so I could admire it all over again. There is significance to each block. I'll share them with you tomorrow.

Thank you Quilty Gurlz ~ I love you back!

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