Monday, February 23, 2009

The first block, in the upper left corner was made by Sherri-"Sue" who works at the Quilt Shop where the quilty girls meet weekly, oooh and aaaah over fabric, pull bolts and play, plan our quilts and help each other with design issues. Sherri is calm and maybe that tea she drinks has something to do with it.

Block 2 was made by Debbie-"Sue" and her Sue is Wild (see the black and white dress) and loves travel. Her Sue is holding an actual little bitty quilt with an itty-bitty angel charm in the corner. Debbie has moved to South Carolina but still gets back to the group from time to time. I was sad to hear that she was leaving too.

Block 3 was made by Sonja-"Sue" and is probably the most traditional of all the blocks. Her bonnet is embellished with lace and Sue is carrying her fabric in an actual little basket with a little scissors charm tied on! Isn't that the sweetest! Sonja always came to our Wednesday work group with her latest project and supplies in a big basket. I remember when I wandered in to the Quilt shop on a Wednesday for the first time and saw that small group working at the tables in the back...Sonja invited me to sit down and that was the beginning.

Block 4 was made by Sandy-"Sue" and says Shrimp Boil Sue in reference to the wonderful meal that she and her husband put together for us. A traditional Southern Shrimp Boil is a layered meal of Potatoes, Corn on the cob, Shrimp, and I forget what all else. Oh my gosh, it was not only beautiful, but we hurt ourselves eating it. Her Sue has braids and a little ribbon rose on her bonnet. I love the detail!
The Center block is "Stripper Sue" and was a collaborative effort. I can't remember if it came about because I told the girls I had once worked as a stripper. (I stripped cars in a salvage yard in my younger/stronger years when work was scarce) But I love this block because it shows Sue in a whole new light. In the audience are skeletons from some Dia de los Muertos fabric I had and had shared. The stripper pole is 3 dimensional from really shiny fabric. Sue has a tattoo on her hiney that says "Slappy" which is in reference to my imaginary boyfriend, "Slappy the Bait Shop Guy".

Block 6 was made by Ann B and is all about making a home a wonderful place. We refer to her as "Martha-Sue" (she is the most like Martha Stewart) and her SBS shows all of the traditional home making things that she enjoys and does so well. Martha-Sue is my bread guru.

Block 7, was made by our fearless leader and local quilt shop owner, Tod. She chose to make a block representing Sunbonnet "Slappy the Bait Shop Guy" who featured largely in my stories about "love gone wrong" that I shared with the group. Tod is a Kaffe Fasset Groupie and you'll notice that the overalls are from his line of fabric.

Block 8 was created by Annie-"Sue" and features her love of gardening, nature, comfortable birkenstock shoes and unshaven legs (hey, I only report the truth!)

Block #9 was signed by all and reads:
"Made by the Ladies at Tod's Sweet Tater Quilts, Funeral Parlor, and Tea Room."
There is an image of the cover of the book, Sweet Potato Queens Book of Love by Jill Connor Browne which is a collection of stories that we received "readings" from. They're a hoot and are decidedly "southern".I will never forget them. Never. And just to make sure, they made me this

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that's so cool. I'm with ya, I'd never make one, But how special to have them make one for you!!

Very nice.