Wednesday, February 4, 2009

9 Patch Blocks Done

Bumblebeans put the call out for 9 patch blocks and quilters scrambled to respond. Rotary cutters whirred, fabric flew, and sewing machines all over the land hummed.

Be careful what you ask for, because shortly thereafter she closed the I squeeked in under the wire.

After some false starts and interruptions, I finally got the blocks put together today. I'm going to the post office tomorrow and get them on their way.

These simple blocks have got me out of the doldrums, and I'm happy to be busy again. She posted a very simple pattern on her site in the last couple of days and I'm yearning to get going on that.

And, I also have pulled out some squares that I plan to cut and make half triangle blocks for a zig zag two-color quilt that's been fermenting back there in my head.

Thanks Victoria for moving me on down the path.

On other fronts, I baked another loaf of bread....put together a grocery list for shopping tomorrow.....pulled my stuff together to meet with Bob the tax preparer on Friday noon.....and had a good walk with Maya this morning.

Thankful today for being able to do all those things.