Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wednesday with the Quilty Girls

Our little group met on Wednesdays at The Quilt Shop in Boone, NC. Even though I'm not there, they continue to meet and I think of them every Wednesday and many days in between. They are the best bunch of Quilt Queens and I was so lucky to be there with them for 2 years. We spent the day chatting, sewing, and we often pot-lucked so there was a fair amount of eating too. We came to know each other's preferences and I think expanded each other's comfort zones. As for mine, I told them that while I admired many kinds of quilts I was pretty sure that I would never come to love Sunbonnet Sue. They promised to make me

Look what came in the mail yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!

I knew it was coming and I know it's Sunbonnet Sue, but I promised not to open the box until I had them on the phone on a Wednesday. That's today!!! I called a while ago and they are iced in, so will call them back in a couple of hours to see if any of the girls have made it in. I'll open it then. I'm so excited!!

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