Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Industrial Accordian Accident

Okay, I have to tell on my friend, Ann. I called her yesterday to report that Barb had been here and gone, and Annie's hubby, honey-bunnie, told me that he and Ann had just come from the Emergency Room. When I asked what that was about he said that Ann had been in an Accordian-related accident.

Ann, like me is a women of substance and her chestal area is not lacking, if you get my drift. Well, I put together her endowments and the image of an accordian and my mind went to places we probably shouldn't even talk about.

When I stopped giggling long enough to get the details, it was so much tamer than my imagination. She and Rick were clearing out his mom's house, and Ann was carrying up an accordian from the basement. She somehow got her hand caught between the accordian and the wall and got a laceration that required stitches. See, I told you it was tame. Anyway, I couldn't wait to call the Quilt Shop back in Boone where we all meet on Wednesdays, and where they still meet without me (boo-hoo!)....because I had some embellishments to that story that I wanted to share with the Punkin Haid Quilty Gurlz there. No such luck...the shop was closed today due to weather.

That story is just too good to wait, so you get it.

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