Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Working again....YAY!

I started thinking of this quilt over a year ago and got as far as cutting the strips in anticipation of making the half square triangles. Then I put it away as I knew I'd be getting ready to move. I've really been in a creative slump since I got here. I did make one king-size bed quilt as a commission, but it didn't inspire me in any way and I was just stuck.

Bumblebeans got my motor running again when she asked for some 9 patch blocks. I got them made and while working on them I started thinking about the 2 color planned scrappy zig zag quilt I had wanted to make. I dug out the parts, and started making those blocks.

Now they are made and I've been sewing the blocks together today. It feels good to be working again. I've pulled out some fabric for the next quilt and it's ready to cut. The zig-zag quilt will be about 75" square, and I'm going to machine quilt it myself.

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