Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Quilting Done, Binding On ~ A Finish!!

Wow!! It's been a good month. One quilt top and quilt back to the long arm quilter (see posting here) and this one completely finished!

60x60" throw started and finished in the last 10 days. Wooo-hoooo!

I have plans for the next one, but since I haven't done much but sew in the last 30 days, my house is a mess.

I'm going to take a quick break to clean the house and get things ready for my next project.

Mariner's Compass!
Paper Pieced!

Never say never......I said I'd never do one, but my niece has decided that is what she would like and so that is what she will have.

I'm actually looking forward to it.
note: I just noticed a huge mistake in this quilt.....first one to spot it and make a comment gets a squishy surprise in the mail. LOL


maree said...

Phew - a 10 day wonder Susan - you go girl. And mistakes aren't mistakes if you don't point them out (it's in that round with the mustard and white 4-patch but who's checking - think your probs switched them when you took them to the sewing machine which is way easy to do!). You can say it makes this quilt unique:) I think you are being very adventurous with your next project and look forward to its progress. Ciao

RosaMarĂ­a said...

wow!! you did an amazing work on that quilt!! I love it!
Making in 10 days! that is really fast! I have to learn how do that!

Love the fabric you used, my favorite is the blue with those cute dogs!!

Beeshebags said...

The 4 patch in the top right hand corner, isn't a boo boo, it's a design trial.....don't the Amish make one error in each quilt on purpose? If anyone picks up on it, just tell them you were reading about the Amish quilts the day you pieced this quilt...and tah dah, the quilting fairies made you turn the 4 patch around...lol Hugs Naomi