Friday, October 1, 2010

Get Ready, Get Set, Sew!

I originally saw this pattern on the blog "Red Pepper Quilts".

I appreciated that she (Rita, in Melbourne) had done all of the work of figuring out how much, how many, etc. and that the quilt lent itself to a variety of color combinations. I recognized it as something I would make when I was pushed for time and needed to knock one out of the park. In other words, I liked it a lot.

I ordered the pattern and printed it out and set it aside. When my darling grandaughter asked specifically for a pink quilt, I didn't have to struggle with setting out to design something from scratch.

I already had a collection of pinks in my stash and a bolt of Parchment in a nice off-white that I bought and kept on hand after reading about how versatile it is in AmandaJean's blog. So I set about cutting, cutting, cutting.

A ton of cutting! But thanks to my local library I have 2 books on disc that have been calling to me and they made the task so much easier.

I am currently listening to: The Story of Edgar Sawtelle by David Sroblewski. This version at my local library comes with it's own little player that hangs from a lanyard around my neck. I just plug in my own headphones and I am transported into the story. This book is so good that I woke up twice during the night just to listen to a little more!

So, all the strips are cut.
I am well into the book.
The hours stretch out before me, and there is nothing left but to sew.

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