Monday, October 18, 2010

Coming Along Nicely

I started listening to "The Christmas Quilt" when I started making the pieced blocks for my current project. It is one of the Elm Creek Quilts novels that I had heard about and so I ordered it from the library. It kept me entertained while I was at my machine and today I was able to get the backing sewn together and get all of the rows sewn for the top.

I also was able to finish this book.

These are the completed rows pinned to my design wall and ready to be sewn together.

I hope to get that done tomorrow.

I have another book to listen to ~ Jodi Picoult's
"Change of Heart". It is a long one and will be considerably more complex than the book I just finished.

If I am able to make good progress tomorrow I may be able to get the quilt sandwiched too. I'd like to get it quilted this week and get the binding stitched on by the weekend.

I have amassed a considerable amount of orphan blocks, patches and strips from many projects and would like to find them a home. If you know of anyone who might like scraps....drop me a line or comment here and I will pack one of those post office one price mailers and ship them off. I really don't have room to store them here and hate to just toss them.

So, what's going on in your world?


maree said...

Hey there Susan. Love the idea of listening to books while you are sewing - hadn't thought of that. Must see what is available at our local library, although I am dreadful at getting things back on time:) I would love your scraps as I am about to get involved in a blog scrapalong but I am on the other side of the world - New Zealand - so probs not fair on you re postage but I'd be happy to swap for some NZ fat quarters. Love the pink quilt you are making - the male is very forgiving if it is allowed to go on the bed!!!!! Ciao

hoff said...

susan, love your blog and the many pics filled with creative ideas. can't seem to shake the "make do with what you have" upbringing. as a result, scrap quilts and remaking clothing are my favorite creative outlets. i'd love to receive some of your scrap fabrics and blocks and i'd be more than happy to spring for the postage. Thanks so much. dianne

Fabric Fanatic said...

Dianne, the scraps I mentioned in this post are already gone....but there will be more. I couldn't find an email address for you, so if you will please check my blog profile for mine and email me, I'll hold onto it until I have more scraps to send.