Monday, October 11, 2010


This part seems to be slow going.

I was able to get the back done over the weekend and had thought I'd finish all the rest of the blocks too.

The back is nice and I like it a lot.....not nearly as complex as the front will be, but I still think it will be attractive enough that Ashley will be able to have two looks in one quilt and can alternate which side is "up" when she makes her bed.

I'm glad that her husband, Ben, is not fussy about
having a pink quilt on their bed.

The log cabin blocks are taking longer to make than the alternative "frames" blocks took. I think it's because it is easier to keep the frames blocks square and the log cabin blocks will get wonky in a heartbeat.

I know there will need to be some trimming to square them up before I start sewing them together. This is going to be a fairly large quilt....approximately 84" square, and already it seems heavy so I know it will keep them warm.

I am listening to a new book, "When Madeline
Was Young" by Jane Hamilton. The reader is good and I am speeding right along. This little handy device hangs around my neck and tucks into my bra to keep it safe from my scissors, rotary cutter, and out of the way of the quilt while I am at my sewing machine. The earphones keep me from distraction and it is an altogether clever way to zip through a book and get a quilt made all at the same time.

I hope to have the top completed by the weekend and off the the quilters....I can't wrestle this huge thing under the needle of my trusty Janome.

Have a great week!

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RosaMarĂ­a said...

gorgeous! log cabin is one of my favorites!