Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Wow! Everyone's Busy!!

I've been reading Amy's Creative Side blog and visiting quilters who are taking part in the Blogger's Quilt Festival. Wow!!! There are some amazing quilters who have been hard at work.

Please go check it out.

For my part, quilting is on hold for a week or so.
I have been doing some homework in preparation for my next project.

These two books tell it all.
I'm really moving outside my comfort zone ~ but I'm excited that I'll practice a new technique that may open up design possibilities for me.

I'll also be working in "blues" which is the one area in my stash that is sorely lacking....so I've been online ordering fabrics and they are heading my way. It's always exciting to get squishy packages in the mail.

This project will be slow going for a while, but I'll take pics along the way.

How are you being challenged?

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flisa said...

This storm at sea- book looks very interesting! It is a beautiful block. And the mariners compass -book - I know this is wonderful, have baught one myself, but havent tried this out (yet). But some day...Ì would love to se what you find out, and would love to follow your blog!