Saturday, November 13, 2010

Getting Ready...

After looking closely at this book and realizing I haven't a clue....I've decided to choose a simpler mariner's compass and have ordered yet another book! The technique in this book is so alien to what I know or what was taught in the class I took, that I don't know how to "translate" it.

Maya is snoozing while I make all these decisions about the how-to's.

I needed some input from my niece Ann about her color choices for
this quilt. She sent me some paint chips in colors they like and I told her I'd take them into consideration and might add one or two.
I like the colors she selected. I've chosen a pale gray for the background and the center medallion will feature shades of blue with touches of pale gold and some burgundy. The frame will be a variety of water/ocean colors from deepest blue to palest seafoam and all points in between in the storm at sea pattern. I'm excited.

But, I need to practice paper piecing, so I've chosen some simple blocks to play with. Also, since this quilt will be slow going since every bit of it will be a learning curve for me, I've decided to also work on another quilt at the same time. That too is something I've never done before. I usually just plow right through a quilt before starting another.

Nothing like changing up the way I do things, is there?

My fabric has all arrived and I'm pleased with the choices and the editing of it all. I had very little blue in my stash and now that's not the case.

Also, the library has located the books on disc I requested and I picked them up yesterday.

Wow! It looks like I'm ready.

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Rian said...

Hi Susan,

Let me know if you need any help with your Mariner's Compass. They're actually fun to do once you get the hang of it.