Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Save On Rotary Cutter Blades.....!!

Wilma in North Carolina posted something on her blog that I couldn't hardly believe....she found blades at Harbor Freight that looked like they would work in her rotary cutter and they were about a buck apiece! Click HERE to see them. Wilma, bless her heart, did the field research for us and ordered them. Yep, they work. Just fine.

Why then, have I been paying about $25 for a pack of 5??

The cost of quilting fabrics and quilting accessories (tools of all sorts included) is through the roof.
Why? Because they can and because they know we will pay it.

Thanks Wilma, I'm going to Harbor Freight. There's one about 4 miles from my home. (You can also order them online....even with postage you'll save a bundle.)

I guess I'm drawing a line in the sand.

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