Thursday, January 24, 2008

Yesterday with the Quilty Girlz....

If it's Wednesday, then this is where I am.

I'm writing about it on Thursday, because I'm there on Wednesdays so I can't write about it on Wednesday.

The Quilt Shop lets us bring our machines and have a sew-in on Wednesdays. In the summer, it's a madhouse because all of the "seasonal" quilters who spend summers here from Florida, are there in addition to the locals...the rest of us who live here year round.

It's a great space....with lots of fabrics to tempt us....and a calendar full of classes to inspire us.

I try not to miss it, and if I'm not there then it's the odd happenstance and someone should be calling my house to make sure I'm still breathin!

This is Tod Prescott, the owner and our partner in crime. She keeps the candle lit and is ready at the drop of a hat to slice some lovelies off of those bolts you see behind her. She is a Kaffe Fasset groupie, though I don't hold that against her....hehehe. She teaches, she quilts on her long arm machine there in the shop, and recently she has taken up pattern testing for Meg at Montessori by Hand.
If you ever, ever, ever are in Boone, NC up in the Beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, do yourself a favor and visit Tod in her shop.

This is Sherry...she's been a good customer, and most recently has come to work at the shop part time while finishing up her coursework at the University.
Sonja and Ann are two of the regular quilty girlz. There's about another 3-4 of us locals but some are camera shy. I'll try to get a group shot one of these days.

I just wanted you to see a place that figures largely in my weekly schedule. In addition to Wednesdays, I probably stop in 2-3 times a week just to see what I might be

Now ya know.

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clevelandgirlie said...

Hello from a fellow North Carolinian!!! I will absolutely put that quilt shop on my list of places to visit the next time my husband and I go over to the Blue Ridge Parkway (which we do quite frequently on our Harley - as it's such a beautiful ride!)
Thanks for the info. Are you going to attend the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival? This will be my second year attending. Can't wait!