Sunday, January 20, 2008

Links....Other Blogs

First things first....this was the kitchen window this morning. Frosty!!

The temperature today got up to about 18 degrees farenheit, and tomorrow promises to be chilly too.

Now on to the topic of the day. I don't know who reads this blog.....regularly or otherwise....but I'm always assuming that I'm just not talking to myself here. I also am a fan of a bunch of other bloggers. I have probably 40-50 of them saved in my favorites and I shuffle them from time to time, adding some and letting go of some others. There are a few that are constant and you will see them listed there along the left of this page. I recently reorganized them, did that shuffling thing, and realized in the process that they fall into some categories and so I sorted them that way. Don't get too attached, though, because I might reorganize them again. LOL

Anyway you will notice that I have a category called red headed quilters....I found that when I was looking through my faves, I had these 3 women listed together and it was a coincidence that they all have red hair. I like them a lot and enjoy their blogs for very different reasons.

Nancy Rose is prolific as heck, is sleep deprived like me, and somehow weaves stories of her hubby and kids into the postings in such a natural, loving, and humorous way that I totally relate to.

Beth really cranks out the quilts! She also is pretty consistent about blogging, so it seems like she is always working on something new. I get inspired to get busy when I read her.

Deb doesn't seem to quilt as much as the other redheads, but she is multitalented and I read her for her photography as much as anything else. Besides that, she loves red shoes and while I don't have but 2 pair.....I always admire them in the store or on other women ~ I always notice them! She has themes that she explores with her camera. She sees the world a little differently and causes me to broaden my vision as well.

Do you have some bloggers you love? Leave me a comment and let me know who butters your grits.

Back atcha!


Hip Mama Crafts said...

Thanks for putting me in your favorites... I'll try to keep it interesting! :)

Beth said...

Thanks so much for mentioning me on your blog and sending me an email to ket me know :)

I do my best to crank out the quilts, sometimes I do better than others. Quilting is truly my passion and I'm glad that I'm inspiring others :)

Happy Quilting!!!

Deb R said...

Someday I'm going to quilt again, I swear! :-D

Thanks for the mention, Susan!