Thursday, January 17, 2008

What's going on....and where have I been?

This is what it looks like outside today....Finally we got some real snow and not that puny stuff that melts on contact or blows away. The snowplow has passed and the snow is melting, but the temp will be dropping here again this afternoon so we will likely have ice tomorrow. Pretty right now though!

I dunno how to get my pics to show up where I want them. I can put all the pics on the page, and then I can't put text without it showing up as underlined.....grrrrrr. I've been busy as all get out in the sewing room so I haven't really had any inclination to post cause I'm in the groove working on a couple of things that have me excited. (I've been playing with this posting for about an hour now and it still isn't cooperating! I'm a blog-idiot I guess.)

Sylvia's quilt top is done and has gone to the long arm turned out larger than I had planned, and while there are still enough blocks left to make another quilt the same size, this one is more than I want to wrestle with so it's on the road to Tennessee right now. I'll take pics once it's back and the binding is on.

I'll show you pics of what I'm working on this week in the next posting. I'm soooo done with trying to get this one right.


Feather on a Wire said...

To get rid of that underlining, just click on that tap which says edit html. Then put a space between each of the photo codes. You can tell where they start by an 'a' with a symbol in front of it.
Then go back to the top and click the 'compose' tab.

mountain-quiltist said...

Sally, thanks so much! I'm going to try this next time I run into that problem (probably sooner rather than