Friday, January 18, 2008

Squishy Envelope in the Mail

This came in the mail today from Vicki Suan in Sacramento. How I found her, I don't know how when you are blog-hopping, clicking on this and that, and then clicking on that and this? Well, somehow I saw her name, saw her work, and noticed she lived in Sacramento where I had lived for years and years.

I wrote her....she wrote me...I told her I had a big head and never could find a cap to fit. She has a business and said she'd make one if I wanted, and I did...I did! She made me an offer I couldn't refuse and I sent a check right away. So today there was a squishy envelope in the mailbox. I was so excited, I was trying to open the envelope and fasten my seatbelt and pull away from the mailbox all at the same time....shhhhhhh, don't tell.

Isn't it lovely? And so soft and cuddly and not scratchy. Very warm and comforting.
I love it!

And it's just in time, because it is cold here....temps in the single digits at night and teens in the daytime. And I just got a haircut, so my noggin needs covered.

If you love it too and want to tell can reach her here...

She is multi-talented...handmade bags/purses, knit caps, and of course....she quilts!

Speaking of quilting....I didn't get anything done today, there were errands to run, but tomorrow might find me working on my latest project or if not then, definitely Sunday!

Here is a sign hanging on my stash cupboard in my studio....appropriate for how it goes here sometimes, don't you think?

Oh, and special thanks to my buddy Sally Bramald for that little insider information about how to get rid of the underlining on text when I'm trying to post pics and post text(sort of like trying to walk and chew gum for me, anyway) and not doing either one of them well. I'm still learning, and I thank her for schooling me today. If you haven't seen Sally's blog....go treat yourself!

take care....


lindaharre said...

Thanks so much for commenting! I REALLY appreciate it! I love the sign on your stash cabinet. It pretty much says it all.....ha ha! Keep up the good work, Linda:)

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