Friday, September 24, 2010

Found on Flickr.....can't remember who made it.....

I found this quilt a couple of years ago on flickr and saved the image....I loved it immediately and said one day I'd try to make it. Victoria also mentioned liking it and she had some of the fabric which she generously shared with me. I went searching for more and when I found it, I put it aside. Months, and maybe even a year passed.

When the day came, I still hadn't found the pattern, so I worked it out on graph paper. This is the first time I ever copied a quilt exactly, and while I'd love to give credit where it's due, I searched and cannot even find the original flickr entry. So.....this was not my idea and it is a copy of someone else's work. I loved it that much.
Today I sewed the final seam on the top.......

And, I pieced the back. The quilt will be 89" square when finished. I have the binding cut and ready to go on once it comes back from the longarm quilter. I'll take it to the post office this afternoon and send it on it's way to Tennessee. Did I mention that I love this quilt? I do.

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