Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Adios 2008!!!

I got this card in 2006 from the Obama family and I treasured it then, but even more so now.

I welcome the new year and what it will mean for our Nation and her people.


Sarah and Jack said...

Oh man, how cool is that?!??! How did you happen to get it?

Fabric Fanatic said...

I've been a fan of Barack since he was in office in Illinois (my home state). I wrote to him some years ago, encouraging him to seek national office and was thrilled when he went to Washington. I'm sure it wasn't because I encouraged I was happy for him. Somehow that got me on the mailing list.
I worked at the Demo headquarters in Boone, NC where I was living until this past June and as soon as I got settled here, I went to the Obama headquarters here and signed on.
I think he has a tough road ahead, but I also believe he's the man for the job and has the fortitude to dig us out.
If you are a praying woman, would you please include him?