Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I am enjoying my clean-for-a-minute house. It's been rainy so I am not even trying to convince myself that it will stay that way for long. Every time Maya and I go out, we track. I towel her off at the door, and we wipe our feet.....but the outside still clings and insists on being invited in! Oh dang.

I've been enjoying my eensy teensy tree!
It is manageable and so festive at night with all the lights turned off except for these twinkly ones on the tree and the flicker of candles throughout the house.
I love the look of the holidays and always feel cheery with all the decorations, the music, and the generally sparkly look of the world.

I wanted to make some slipcovers for the task chair at the desk in my room. The basic black is okay, but it is of some fabric that is a dog-hair magnet and no amount of brushing, lint rolling, or vacuuming will work. 5 minutes later, it needs it again. So for now I have the back and seat covered with pillowcases...not a good look.

The bed linens are rust/orange part of the year and shades of caribbean blue/turquoise the rest of the year. I got this fabric at IKEA and have made a pattern. Stay tuned.

This year I'm going to make a few trays of iced cookies and some homemade candy. I remember that my mother always started well in advance and made oodles of trays of goodies for us to give to our teachers, carry to the neighbors, some went to Dad's workplace, and she mailed off boxes to relatives who couldn't be with us at Christmas. She was Martha long before Martha existed and did it all so well.

I've never made candy before but yesterday I made Peanut Brittle and this morning I made English Toffee! And they both turned out! Waaa-hooooooooooo!!!!

This afternoon I'm going to make the cookie dough, wrap it and refrigerate it and once the cookies are made....I can make up the trays and deliver them. Early yes, but I don't have room to store all that stuff, nor do I want it in the house...lol.

I don't think I'll do this every year. Candy making is messy and tricky. Cookie making is okay, so that will probably continue. I never mastered the art of decorating with royal icing and a pastry bag.....I got it all over me, and it seemed to get flung far and wide as well. I can manage icing and sprinkles though.

All of this baking/cooking has me in the kitchen spending time with memories of mom and all the loveliness she created for our holidays. I'm a little nostalgic and enjoying it.



Love the orange fabric. favorite color... adn the baking! Try cramels? Easy and so yummy! fudge, another good one! Have fun. I love my memories of baking int he ktichen with my mother...

carrie said...

Love that fabric!

Candace said...

Sounds like you are enjoying your preperations, and your little tree is adorable. I haven't put up a tree, maybe I'll get a little one like yours.