Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sis Boom Pow!!!!

Lovely V, my buddy from the Bumblebeans Blog is always doing something wonderful, and now she's asked me and a bunch of talented quilters to join her. She will be gifting us with some white squares and some pieces from Jennifer Paganelli's Sis Boom line of fabrics for Free Spirit. We are to make 2 blocks and send them back so that she can assemble them into a charity quilt.

Now, I'm just a little intimidated by the company I'll keep, but I'm game and excited to see what those fabrics say to me. Those are her two blocks......see what I mean?

She has started a separate blog to keep everyone up to date on our progress. You can follow along with us HERE.

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Your to much my dear! I've NOT done applique, so this has been a real...treat/challenge for me too! I have yet to stitch down that dresden plate! I feel nervous when I look at it. So don't feel less than! You package went in the mail today, with a little something extra inside. hugs! (you'll just have to wait and see) ;-)