Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Lovely Squishy In The Mail....YAY!

Hey, I might not be consistent in blogging, but I'm consistent in reading blogs and one that I read daily is Wanda's "Exuberant Color" ~ doesn't that title just say it all? Lately in addition to quilt making she has been making journal covers. She featured one recently on her blog made with selvages and Kaffe Fasset fabric and I was a goner.

I sent off a quick email asking if she would make another and sell it, and she was kind enough to agree. Paypal handled the transaction and the mailman brought this to me today!!!

Ta-Daaaaaaa!! She even sent me a "seed" block to encourage me. I love it!!

It is just the best. I am not much at journaling, but I have wanted a little notebook to keep notes in about the quilts I make. Stop laughing! I do make quilts....just haven't made many lately. But I have big plans and so that counts, doesn't it? LOL

Thank you Wanda for making my day.

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