Monday, February 4, 2008

Monday, Monday....

Sunday, Sunday...I was sewing. I got up early, caught the 10am meeting over in Blowing Rock and then after making a quick stop for Sunday Burgers to share with Maya, beat a path for home.

Got back into my jammies and spent the whole day in my studio!
Such luxury to have the time, the desire, and the ability to do what I enjoy ~~
I know I'm blessed!

Got up today and it's crappy, drizzly, rainy, chilly, gray and did I mention crappy? Uh huh...that's it.

Back into the studio and for every seam I sewed, I think I ripped out another. Was not in the zone today, but did get this top finished and I love it.

My high school art teacher would have complained loudly that it is too "busy". Yep, it is busy.

But it exactly captures what I love about Mexico. No matter how much we (outsiders/americans) try to pigeon-hole another culture (in this case, Mexico) and make it fit neatly in some box ~ it is just plain loud and busy and colorful and joyous, and vibrant and alive and did I say colorful? Uh huh...that's it!

So now I have 2 is in the mail to the long arm quilter and this one will go next. I plan to get the 3rd one done to send along with it. Then it's on to a quilt for my niece and one for my nephew before I tackle the king size quilt for "slappy the bait shop guy".

I'm running to Asheville tomorrow and will be gone for the day. Talk to you layta.


Mary Lou Weidman said...

I adore the quilt pictured here on this blog! Great work for something that we would all love to see closer up!
Mary Lou

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