Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Little footnote...

One of my quilty girlfriendz dropped me a note yesterday to say that "a clean house is a sign of a sick mind".

Bless her heart, she was hoping to get that note to me before I started cleaning house...LOL, but alas I was already engaged.

There is something satisfying about looking around and seeing a clean house. The smell of furniture polish, and the absence of dust is an amazing antidote for whatever ails you. After I finished cleaning, I took a shower, put on some clean clothes and a dab of my good perfume and sat in the living room and just enjoyed the view. My house felt like home again, and I felt better. Sick mind or not.


emma said...

Hey! I have that exacpt quote on a magnet on my fridge! Its right next to the magnet that reads, "Make youself at home. Clean my kitchen." :)

Sew Prim Khris said...

Totally agree. I love to have a nice clean house to work in. Feel as if I can do much more when things around me are clean and tidy. Hugs, Khris