Thursday, December 6, 2007

Sorry to have been absent...

but I have been caught up in trying to finish some little projects, procrastinating on others, and generally have been absorbed.

Yesterday I spent the whole day at the Quilt Shop with the girls, and I'm not sure if I got much accomplished, but I spent the day laughing and had a ball. If you aren't able to get together with others to work on your projects, I think you're missing something special.

I don't remember the conversations around my grandmother's quilt frame when "The Ladies Aid Society" convened to work on quilts. I sat under the frame with my dollies and only saw a sea of substantion legs. I came out from under only long enough to thread needles. I imagine, though, that those women really looked forward to those times when they could share with their friends the joys and sorrows of their lives on the farm.

I didn't come to be curious about quilting until many years later when my sister, Jill, showed me her work and talked about making quilts. I could see her face come alive and her work was really lovely ~ I thought maybe one day I'd try one. LOL One. LOL Betcha can't make just one!

My friend Barb, who works at the Quilt Shop is leaving in a few days to visit family and friends and she has more on her plate that needs finishing (Christmas Gifts to take along) than I think any one human can do. I'm going to be helping her, so think of me as one of Santa's Elves. Like this....only not blonde, not with long hair, not skinny........well, you get the idea.

Have a great day!

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Vicki said...

Susan, I love your quilts! Bold and bright. Awesome.