Sunday, December 16, 2007

How Did it Get to Be Sunday Already?

I cannot for the life of me explain where time got to this week. It's not like I have a stack of completed projects to account for it, but I know I wasn't just laying on the couch eating bon-bons. I had Dr. and Dental appointments and I had my lovely Wednesday with the Quilty Girlz, but what about all the other hours?

One evening I walked down the road to take a picture of the house up on the hill above's soooo lovely with all the lights ablaze!

No lights on my house.
And, no tree this year. I'm just not "feelin" it. I do have a Christmas Ornament hanging from one of the knobs on one of the kitchen cabinets, though, so does that count?

So that you won't think Chrismas isn't welcome at my's a photo of last year's tree...LOL.

Pajama day today, while I play with my new sewing machine and make some little tissue holders.

It's cold out, and the wind is at frenzy snow though. I'm glad I'll be staying in.

Hope your Sunday is shaping up wonderfully.