Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Parts ready to assemble. All piecing is complete.
This next part is always tricky. Were my seams consistent throughout? Will the sashing match up to the cornerstones and then when sewn together will it all fit the block?

Started sewing the sashing and cornerstones into rows.....barely started.

These are the horizontal rows with side sashing ~ 5 rows.
Now they are waiting for the horizontal rows of sashing and cornerstones.
Meanwhile in my head I'm working on the next quilt.

I will have to shift gears for a bit on Saturday....I have a class this week and the following Saturday learning how to use my serger. I need some pants and can't find the ones like I bought in Mexico....so will make my own. I want to make them quickly and assembly-line style, so I needed to get a serger. Melody at Fibermania has been answering my questions about sergers and I got one made by Janome because I like my Janome sewing machine. She has a Janome serger and likes it.

This quilt top and another quilt top I've made will be off to Tennessee for long-arm quilting.

Happy stitching.

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amandajean said...

what a fabulous quilt in progress you have there! it's wonderful! beautiful fabric choices.