Monday, May 25, 2009

Two More Finishes

Yes, I know ~ they're just alike!

I used up the last of my racecar fabric to make these two cuties for two cuties. My great-grandson Kyle just got his first big boy bed and it's one of those race car beds. The little boy across the hall, Jesse, who is a month older than Kyle just got his first big boy bed too and it's a race car bed too.

So, in celebration of this momentous event in their lives, I hit my stash up and made two. I've found that making two is as easy as making one, if they are both alike and use the same fabrics.

I sewed the binding on yesterday and today washed them and dried them...I love that moment when I take them out of the dryer and see them in all their crinkly loveliness.


Now I have some blocks in progress that I'll pick up and work on tomorrow.



vroom vroomm! nic ejob! two! they will love them!

Corn said...


Thanks for visiting my site. It's nice to build a community of people who have such a great talent. I love the quilts how fun for two boys......

Sharyn said...

thanks for stopping by ;) I haven't touched a needle in months. I think I'll have a blog post tomorrow but it won't be about quilting...
Darling quilts for Kyle! My favorite part of making a quilt is when it comes out of the dryer too :)
hugs, Sharyn